Friday, November 6, 2009

Piccalilly's Spring menu

We are finally happy with our spring menu, and have asked the wonderful Travis Hutchins to come in and take some photos of our new food. This is what he captured:

pork shoulder mornay with egg yolk pasta and sweet corn puree
A take on tuna mornay but with the bechamel gratinated over the top and the tuna replaced with pork. There is also some crackling.

baked mushrooms with mushroom essence, saute mushrooms and confit egg
Says it all really, the egg is confit at 62.4 degrees for 2 hours so it's perfectly set.

local white fish cooked at the table in roasted fish broth
The black stone is very hot causing the broth to boil and cook the (in this case swordfish) at the table in front of your eyes.

Our homage to the Bresse chicken at Le Grande Pre in Provence: seared chicken breast with legumes and lemon milk
There are broad beans, round beans, chic peas, kidney beans and cannelini beans and some baked shallots.

market fish with basil and vegetable broth
The fish in this case is Sand Whiting, the broth is infused with basil. There is also sous vide carrot and fennel and some crushed almond.

apple mille-feuille with rose water aioli, candied fennel and "custard-apple" ice cream
The mille-feuille is filo with a layer of apple tea jelly on top and the rose water aioli also containing vanilla and tonka bean piped inside. the flowers are pansies.

chocolate ice cream, pear and Parmesan salad and mint jelly
The mint jelly is made using mint form our garden. The pear spheres are sous vide retaining a little bite and rolled in Parmesan, there is also some ginger biscuit and aerated chocolate.

Our panforte with sparkling hone jelly continues to evolve: mandarin clotted cream, dark chocolate, apricots, cranberries, currants, raisins, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios all in there somewhere.

yellowtail king fish served raw with pickled radish and citrus soy sauce
The soy is gelled. There is also a dashi gel and some olive oil.
The sequence of serving the mushroom dish with the broth being poured at the table.
The hot stone doing its thing sequence shot! Our favourite!

We would like to thank Travis for his hard work! If you would like to contact Travis to have some photos of your own taken please contact us for his contact details. We hope to see you at Piccalilly soon.